What Code to teach Kids

What Code to teach Kids


When deciding upon which programming language you should teach key stage two & three students, it’s important to look at the wealth of teaching material available on the Internet. Most schools have favoured scratch and python there are many other acceptable if not as simple to use. However it is more important that you teach functional computational understanding prior to teaching children have to program.

As a basic starting point for the theory for primary school children for the new computing curriculum is available via the BBC education website. This is been done to the usual BBC standard and is full of interesting video clips, games, stories and really interesting student speak theory. It is essential that all students spend some time learning about how computers are made and how we program them for our everyday lives. Allowing your students to experiment with control and robots will excite them and engage them in an interesting curriculum. Have you integrated coding or robots into yProgramming_Wordleour curriculum plan?

This something we add JC Associates specialise in. If you would like an experienced teacher to come and deliver some training to your children and your teachers please get in contact.


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